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I was born and raised here in Pensacola.  Seems I learned to knit and crochet in Girl Scouts, though I’m not really sure.  The knitting stuck, not so much the crocheting.  I also learned to sew when I was young.  Guess you could say I like to work with my hands.  Still do, as a matter of fact.  

Although I took a few years off from all the handwork, when I did pick it back up, it came back naturally.  It is so relaxing and therapeutic.  Ahh, I felt grounded again.  The needles are still in my hand to this day.

While living in Sarasota, I found my dream job at a fabulous knit shop. I worked there for many years and loved it.  This shop spoiled me for any other shop.  In 2014, we moved back to Pensacola.    I longed for the shop in Sarasota and so, decided to create my own.  Here begins Dixie Knits.  I hope you will be part of the journey.

Our intention is to create a welcoming place for people to come and enjoy themselves, immerse their hands in wonderful, rich fibers and their minds in ideas.  Together, we can create a community of needle crafters, a destination for knitters, crocheters (and yes, needle pointers) to have fun, learn, conquer, and explore in a relaxed environment.  Together, we can look forward to fostering new friendships in a unique atmosphere that is safe and friendly.  This is your knit shop.  Come. Visit. Knit. Join the excitement!

Happy Stitching,
Mary Virginia